Eternally Yours

Paralyzed...by hope.

The Fucking Wizard
5 April
I am the Fucking Wizard. I live in Milwaukee. I work at a bookstore and play in rock bands, and ultimately plan to take over the world.
"unchained" by van halen, 50 skidillion watts, 8-tracks, a charlie brown christmas, a.c., abba, ape in a tank, archers of loaf, audrey hepburn, berke breathed, big black, bill hicks, bitterness, blonde redhead, blue balls, bootlegs, brad laner, breakfast at tiffany's, brian eno, cake like, calvin krime, camera obscura, caspar milktoast, charles mingus, cheap guitars, cherry 2000, chuck klosterman, clair de lune, cordelia's dad, damien jurado, daniel johnston, dave eggers, david foster wallace, david lynch, david sedaris, de la soul, death from above 1979, deerhoof, digital archive project, dirty three, disco inferno, douglas adams, drone rock, enon, fall, flying saucer attack, frank zappa, gin, god is my co-pilot, head palming, herc., hong!, house of large sizes, husker du, ifihadahifi, jack kerouac, jawbox, jennifer trynin, jim's journal, joe jackson, john coltrane, john zorn, june brides, kevin smith, killdozer, kingston trio, lenore, leo kottke, lewis black, lush, mccartney ii, mean red spiders, medicine, melt-banana, mia doi todd, miles davis, mission of burma, modern machines, mogwai, mono, monty python, muncie's hottest girl, my bloody valentine, mystery science theater 3000, naked raygun, newsradio, nick drake, nostalgia, nosy neighbour, npr, obsolete media, one last wish, penn & teller, pete and pete, philip glass, photography, pinback, poster children, public image limited, quasi, radio birdman, rahsaan roland kirk, redheads, richard linklater, robert fripp, roger miller, roy orbison, salaryman, scientist, sebadoh, selby tigers, shamrock shakes, shellac, shudder to think, silkworm, singing with the radio, smart went crazy, sonic youth, sonny sharrock, sound collage, sounds like braille, space ghost, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, steve martin, steve reich, stevie wonder, stone roses, supernova, sweet baby, syd barrett, terry pratchett, that dog., the fall, the hawaii show, the lou reeds, the onion, the red light sting, the residents, the shaggs, the shortwave channel, they might be giants, tom waits, trouser press, velocity girl, velvet underground, vodka, we are hex, wolf colonel, yesterday's kids